Topic: Looking for Joe fans

Looking for Joe fans in the Washington, Baltimore area.  I'm located in the Annapolis area.  Anybody out there.

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Jane H will find you soon I bet!!!!

Music is good for the Soul...

Re: Looking for Joe fans

Hey blueson, I am North of Baltimore.
There's a bunch of fans in your area, not all of them visit here though. I prefer my cup o Joe up this way but I usually travel to the Bonannapolis shows (missed the 10-31) and just did a mini DC road trip.
I mentioned to Joe that many fans I have talked to in the between DC and Baltimore area said they prefer coming to Baltimore and Joe mentioned how much he likes Ram's Head Tavern (Annapolis) but that they are talking about a Ram's Head Baltimore show in 07.
anyway write me anytime and I noticed a few new fans from the area posting here this week
we gotta get Joe to a fest here this summer!!!!!!!!