Re: So the day has come..

G'd evening Joe,

is the Hall's roof still in its place...? ;  )


PIT...   smile

Re: So the day has come..

Did the Stonehenge backdrop work??????:lol::lol:

You Can Do Anything You Want To Do

Re: So the day has come..

You Go Joe !! Have an awesome nite big_smile

Re: So the day has come..

Your "B" game would be enough...if you had one. There is no doubt you'll bring the "A" game and carve a memory into those hallowed walls that no one will forget.


" skillfully and shout for joy." Psalm 33:3b (honest, it really says that)

Re: So the day has come..

Joe Bonamassa wrote:

My Family is here....  My crew have worked so hard to prepare..  ( some gigs didnt go so well because of trial and error) May 4th 2009 Royal Albert Hall..  enough said ,  wish me luck.. I know many have worked just as hard as I have to be here on my behalf..  enjoy, laugh, cheer, cry..  It is what it will be now.. no more no less..
Joe B

Congratulations on making your dreams come true!
Over the years you have only become tastier! Be happy, patience and work will grind everything down))

I enjoy your blues smile