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Take care of business Joe and have fun!!


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Hey Joe,
Today is your BIG day.  Just go out there and have the best time of your life.  When you look around from the RAH stage, just know you are surrounded by adoring fans and friends that care about you very much and are so happy for you and how far you've come; and also think of those of us that can only be there in spirit.  We're still there with you and couldn't be happier for you!!! 

So, go out there and have a blast!!!  Look forward to hearing all about it.

Susan cool

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Dearest Joe,

May tonight's performance at THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL be everything you have EVER hoped and dreamed about!!!  Its been a thrill riding the waves of your career!  You have built it and they have come.  GOOD LUCK & just be yourself and have fun! smile

Best wishes to you always,

P.S. The topic of this thread reminded me of this old song, so an old song for an old soul. wink … mp;index=2

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Good Luck Joe thats your Night !!!!!
give it all and Rock the house , and good luck to the Crew cool

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Hey Joe......Where you going with that Les Paul in your hand ?...."why, the Royal Albert Hall" ! Jesus, wished I could be there with ALL your friends.........ENJOY!!

Cheers, Trev

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from argentina, i wish you good luck!

have a great time joe

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Kick everyone's arse, and take their names!!


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Those of us who can't be there are nonetheless excited and happy for you, Joe.

With y'all in spirit,


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Hello Joe thanks for your post smile
The stage at the RAH has been visited by probably more of the worlds greatest musicians over time than any other stage in the world.  All your British Blues guys have played there in so many incarnations and also most of the greatest classical musicians. You are probably one of the youngest ever to achieve this huge accolade, through your tireless hard work, professionalism, positivity and generosity. 
As a new pair of feet tread those hollowed boards and fill that huge space with your presence, I'm sure to return many times, so many people will be there in spirit if not in body to take care of you as you have them.
Everything that comes around goes around and I wish you, your family and the band all the very best. 
Thankyou for coming to England GOD BLESS smile


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Rock On!

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Stratovari wrote:

I will be with you in spirit. But we will meet on 17.05. in Hamburg.


I will too...

I think you all will have a fantastic evening, so good luck, Joe!!! wink

Here are my tabbed songs by "Smokin' Joe":
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Go joe!! Good luck tonight and enjoy!!

Hoping the dvd will be out soon !!


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The day has come! It's your time to shine as you always do. Show them what "The Kid" from Yorkville, NY is made of. Blow the friggin roof off the Hall! Wish we were there to see it.......Dave & Patti Kott

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Joe Bonamassa wrote:

My Family is here....  My crew have worked so hard to prepare..  ( some gigs didnt go so well because of trial and error) May 4th 2009 Royal Albert Hall..  enough said ,  wish me luck.. I know many have worked just as hard as I have to be here on my behalf..  enjoy, laugh, cheer, cry..  It is what it will be now.. no more no less..
Joe B

All the best Kid!! Your gig at Sheff city Hall Tues left me speechless for hours after.
Have the time of your life tonite. All those hours practicing, all led to tonite. Have a good one.
See you in Leeds in December.

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Joe, as I type this you're probably already on stage. This is YOUR moment and I'm just SO HAPPY for you. You've worked so hard and now you're playing the gig of a lifetime. Wish I could be there celebrating it with you, but alas. Just kick **** tonight (but we all know that's already gonna happen) and don't worry about the costs of a new roof for the RAH, we'll all pay. And for the windows and the sound system, too. tongue
You're such an inspiration.
Best wishes (and love tongue),

((((((((((((((((( cool )))))))))))))))))



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SHOWTIME!!!!! Well you're probably just kicking off the show, maybe into your second song right about........................ now. Man, I get chills down my messed up spine just knowing you're about to blow the Hall to pieces. So many there in body and in mind, the place is jam packed, standing room only,whether every seat is taken or not. The people across the pond will no longer be hearing Peter Green on every street corner. They'll be hearing Joe Bonamassa, and for damn good reason. You're the best there is Joe. You've done us proud! Here's to wishing you, mom,dad, Lindsay, the band and all the crew a grand ol time as you grace the stage of England's most prestigious venue. You've worked hard for it, you deserve it. Enjoy every second of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"what you know can get you far,........... but who you know can get you even further"
"Doing a bad version of yourself is better than doing a good version of somebody else"......Willie Dixon

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Can't wait to hear the reviews (& see the DVD of course)!  Wish I was there!!!

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This is a step you can savor on the way up. Plus, nobody can accuse you of "running up the stairs" - this one you earned. Hardcore earned. cool

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