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Hey Joe,
Tonight will be so awesome!  You will be surrounded by so much love and admiration!  You are the greatest ever!  You are The Man, The King!!!  I am so proud of you and the rest of the guys.  It will be the time of your life and ours!!  I love you and will be smiling and cheering!!!!
Enjoy will bring the house down!!!!  Your Iowa Fan, pattyluvsjoe  tonguecool

"I'm not nice to any guitar!"      lol
                 Joe Bonamassa 05-03-12


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Re: So the day has come..

As Mel Fisher said before finding the Mother Load of gold bullion on the wreck of the Atocha - TODAY'S THE DAY!

Geoff O

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Joe Bonamassa wrote:

My Family is here....  My crew have worked so hard to prepare..  ( some gigs didnt go so well because of trial and error) May 4th 2009 Royal Albert Hall..  enough said ,  wish me luck.. I know many have worked just as hard as I have to be here on my behalf..  enjoy, laugh, cheer, cry..  It is what it will be now.. no more no less..
Joe B

And what it will be Joe is the most amazing gig of your life and our lives.

You deserve this and all your other success in bucket loads!

Hope you're able to chill some and enjoy the whole of today.

C'ya later! Can't wait!

Love Libby & John

Cheshire_Lass/Libby smile  (Bonabaptised: 22 Feb '08)

If I'm alive when I'm 99 I'm still gonna be saying, "Remember 4th May 2009 when we saw Joe at the RAH... what a night that was!"

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What a great trip so far. Buddy Whittington and Gary Moore.  Jon Amor and Aynsley Lister. Can it get any better?

Me thinks so!  Tear it up Mr. B!!! There will be 5500 in attendance cheering you on.  And about 100,000 others who wish they could be here tonight as well.

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Break a leg Joe!  The spotlight is yours and perform under it's glow with yours and know at any given second the throng is "with you" and you can honestly take your own lyrics, "...all my friends have helped me, I know where I belong" and your friends old and new rejoice because WE KNOW this is where you belong.  My friend, as  you always have,...

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Good lucks guys;)

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Good luck for tonight,not that you are going to need it.See you there...............Glyn and Jo.

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How nice that you are posting on this forum...I wish our Eric Johnson would do the same!
Congrats on gigging at the's a fantastic venue with so much great history. I'll be there seeing and hearing you play for the first time and judging by what all your devoted fans are saying, I'm am in for one hell of a treat! Have a wonderful time!!!!!!!

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So, the great day has finally come......



This night will be magic! There is no such thing as a bad Joe show. Relax and take it all in. And, to all who can't be here..we carry you with us in spirit.    Cathy

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Good luck !!!!! smile

well, so many forummembers/ crazy bonabuddies and your family should give you the best support you can have for this great night wink

@ all have a wonderful time

c u  soon  BCC - Song of yesterday live !

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Joe, I hope in your contract with RAH you're not responsible for damages. They better get a new quote for the dome. I reckon you're gonna blow that old one right off.

Stand by London. The Blues are gonna Rock.

Have a great night all you Bonamaniacs. Joe's earned it but so have you.

Look forward to reading all about it.


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Re: So the day has come..

Break a leg Joe!!!

The world is your oyster!!!

OK enough platitudes, slay them all Joe.....

You Can Do Anything You Want To Do

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The day is here!  You will be awesome, as usual!


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Just enjoy yourself and it will all turn out well.
Wish you the best of luck, which I am sure you will not need.

I will see you Thursday (Sweden)...


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Knock 'em dead, Joe!  And above all, have fun.

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Well done joe for getting to here!!! You deserve it your fantastic!!!

Enjoy tonight!!!!!!!!!!!   

big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile  big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile

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Give them a kick **** show Joe!

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Good luck Joe!
Will be awesome. We all know it!:D