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My Family is here....  My crew have worked so hard to prepare..  ( some gigs didnt go so well because of trial and error) May 4th 2009 Royal Albert Hall..  enough said ,  wish me luck.. I know many have worked just as hard as I have to be here on my behalf..  enjoy, laugh, cheer, cry..  It is what it will be now.. no more no less..
Joe B

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Go get'em Joe!!!!!
We are all there with you cheering you on.
You're our guy.
Have the time of your life, you deserve it.

Rock and Roll and Blues Power for ever,

Rock On and Keep the Faith

Jack Loves Patty Loves Joe

Re: So the day has come.. have a gift and it was a pleasure to have you share it...the Royal Albert Hall will be alive with happy, ecstatic people tomorrow..enjoy the fruits of you we do.

'your music talks to me, hits me tonight' - Jim Kerr
..but hey it's how Joe makes me feel!!!

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I'm there in spirit... good luck Joe. This is so cool.


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Wish I could be there. Enjoy the evening, you've earned it.

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Good Luck Joe!!  It's SHOWTIME!!

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Good luck Joe, but you won't need it, just do your thing! We'll be thinking about you back here in FL. Wish we were there and looking forward to the DVD, and any Florida shows. We'll be buying a BluRay player just for this.

Tear it up, Joe!!!! cool

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Good luck my friend and till tonight!!

We all will enjoy and be surprised I'm sure!!

Andre Wittebroek

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Joe nobody has worked as hard as you. It is a pleasure being able to share this moment with you and the whole Bonamassa familiy. This day is special but I believe it to be just a sign of things to come. It has been a memorable ride for me and all that have believed that you were destined to live this dream. Joe YOU ROCK and always have.

Your Fan and Friend, Jim

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All the best at Royal Albert Hall - I can only imagine how good it will be !

Next step - A gig at the Sydney Opera House !


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Yes,Yes,Yes, the day is here !!!!! Savor every minute of it Joe. You know we are all thinking of you. Keep on Rockin' and Rollin' , Larry G

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I know I'm saying what hundreds of others are saying already, wish I could be there! I know you will be beyond fantastic. I'll be there in spirit, though, and very jealous that Rocket got to go!

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You sir, have earned this day.  Just do what you do and you're going to blow the roof off RAH!

Although I'm here in Baltimore, I'll be with you all (band, crew, family, fans) in spirit.


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I know you'll do your stuff right. In all of your gigs I have seen there was never smtg
like a "bad evening" or so. I'm very sure you will give them a blast! big_smile

I will be with you in spirit. But we will meet on 17.05. in Hamburg.

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Have a good time Joe! I'm so sad we had to cancel our trip but that's life I guess. We'll get to see you again in Amsterdam later this year. Looking forward to the DVD!

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Wish you luck and all the best for tonight.
Hope you will enjoy it and that tonight will go great.
You've worked very hard for it and deserve a fantastic time/show.

For all the forum buddys wish everybody lots of fun, enjoy yourselves people and have fun meeting each other before the show and during the afterparty...
Sorry I can't be there with you guys, but hey some people have to work.. sad.
Anyways I'm sure there will be pictures to see and storys to read.
make it a night to remember guys.
I'm just hoping that there will be a dvd out of this show and i can see it back later.

Greetings Marianne

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Good luck Joe. You'll be on my iPod and my brain tomorrow as you kick **** in London.

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sigh.........  oh Joe........ how GRAND it is.......  smile

I posted this late last night on my Facebook Page. 

" Libby Sokolowski  is SO very happy for Joe Bonamassa on the eve of his historic performance at Royal Albert Hall in London on Monday night. How unimaginably exciting it must be for Joe, Bogie, Carmine, Rick, Warren, Aaron, Dave, Colin, Roy Weisman, Kevin Shirley, Joe's family and friends, and, of course, his faithful fans. Those of us who are not there in body will surely be there in spirit, celebrating each moment and every note.  smile "

I want you to remember that there are thousands and thousands of other hearts and minds that will be with you, even if we aren't sitting in RAH watching the magic unfold.  We all, in some way, have been on the road to RAH with you, and we will be FEELING it happen FOR YOU..... and will be so proud, pleased and THRILLED. 

Have the time of your life Joe.   

MUCH love and BEST wishes,

smile  Libby  smile

I know that Joe could play one of those kid's guitars with the plastic strings and make it sound good-
Bill S.