61 New Here

by dking103

62 Hello from Indiana

by wdye326

63 From Puerto Rico

by pacomar

64 Chadv

by vaccarochad

65 How do

by watto

67 Ayup mates

by Spooks

68 Greetings from Singapore!

by keane.phang

70 New member

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71 Hello from Ireland!!

by Jimmy Del

72 Hello Everyone!

by richarddylan56

73 Glad to be here...

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74 Hello from Croatia!

by DislocatedBoy

75 Wotcher guv'

by Haych

76 Howdy from Austin!

by Chad

77 Hello from Maryland

by OldSchool1959

78 Hello Everyone

by bradyvictor120

79 Hello, new here...

by lioness_mom

80 Hi, everyone!

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