Topic: 1976 Gibson Explorer for sale

Hi everybody,
The terrible time has come for me to sell my 1976 Explorer. I've had it for about a year and a half and it has been really great but driving lessons and university are coming ever closer and something has to go... The video i have attached in the link explains all the main details but i will make a short list here just for quick looking. I also have my email in the link for any questions or anything.

1976 Gibson Explorer Limited Edition:
Mahogany body and Rosewood fretboard,
natural finish with gold hardware,
original purple lined case,
Schaller tuners with originals in the case with the schaller box from the 70's,
professionally shaved neck, more 60's than 50's now, not a big baseball bat anymore,
small frets, low action... Some might want a fret change but i like them small on this guitar especially,
Original warranty card leaflet included.

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